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Nice shirts

Bought my first shirt from Fjordsisland and I am very happy with it. Nice quality and good fit. from - Kristiansand
- Soren

Good service and high standard

Good service for delivery and for customers. High quality shirts! Ole Petter Brandsrud From - Oslo
- Ole Petter Brandsrud

Great quality!

Shirts very well made. Great quality and fast delivery. Oslo - Norway
- Markus Ø


I have now try and use the shirt i got from you i like the quality and the colors i can recommend to others, this are good product regards Håvard Antonsen from- Grovfjord Norway
- Håvard Antonsen

Tailored Fit

I love these shirts. You feel that it is good quality. Good service. Recommend you try one! From Nesøya
- Jon Engesland

Nice shirts

The shirts are very comfortable and look sharp. Highly recommended. From - Norway
- David

Slim fit

This is my 3rd shirt, wish to continue shop more in future.. from - Norway
- Thomas Ellefsen

Regular fit shirt

The shirts quality and fabric is better than i have expected, my 5th shirt from fjords island, would definitely order from here again! from --Norway
- Lars P


Very nice quality shirt!!
- Mike

Regular fit

Good fit, comfortable to wear. Value for money.
- Michael

Quality shirt

Very good quality. Easy to clean and iron. It is highly recommended.
- Ehsan Zahiri

Slim fit shirt

Very good quality to a low price. Comfortable to wear and easy to Iron. Highly recommendable.
- Thomas 93219643